Project Description

Floral elements ambient mp3 music file

Цена: 9 лв.

An Interspecies Exploration of Human and Plant Music.

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This album from the MasterPlants is a collaboration between Humans and Plants.
A Collaboration made possible by the technology of the “Music of the Plants” device. Opening up a field of research, connection and consciousness as the listener is struck by the surprising feeling of being connected with the plants.
Many musicians are starting to explore the space of interspecies music, and the MasterPlants are among the pioneers in the field.

This is an Ambience Album, sometimes soothing, sometimes mildly disturbing in its tendency to gently push the listener outside of the general comfort Zone of the Western Audience.
To make an album like this takes skilled musicians that can actually understand the musical patterns the plants apply. Music that is somewhat Alien to Humans because they have not yet learned the musical systems applied by humans like for example rhythm and major and minor chords.